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12 Things to Consider When Looking for an Irrigation Company

Installing an irrigation system is vital to keep your lawn evergreen and beautiful. However, choosing a professional irrigation contractor may fret you.

The installation of a system requires the right expertise, knowledge, skills, and equipment. The best irrigation company is one who has all the qualities to provide you with a reliable sprinkler system that will turn your lawn into a heavenly grassland.

The question is: What to consider when looking for an irrigation company?

Read this article to find the answer.

We have compiled a list of some factors to help you find the best irrigation contractor.

#1. Know about the Contractor’s Business

Ask the contractor questions about his or her business. Ask for a business license, business, insurance bond, and other necessary documents.

Moreover, make sure to ask for how long their business has been practicing under the current company name? Beware that inexperienced contractors have always the risk of poor installation.

#2. Ask for the Proof of Employee Education and Certification

Certified contractors and their staff have passed a rigorous exam and possess demonstrated experience.

So, always determine the level of experience and training of key personnel, supervisors, and other workers. Certification will help determine the commitment and training level of an employee. A reliable contractor should not hesitate to endorse proof of certification.

#3. Ask for the Proof of Workers Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) Standing

Law requires irrigation contractors to pay WSIB premiums on behalf of their employees in case of a workplace injury. Otherwise, the hiring companies make the project owner liable for the work injuries. So, always ask the contractor for proof of workers’ safety at the workplace.

#4. The Proof of Liability Insurance

Contractors must carry liability insurance to protect themselves and their clients against any unforeseen workplace incidents.

Ask your contractor for a Certificate of Insurance; stating the name and address of the contractor, $1 million commercial general liability for the company, and the effective and expiry date of the policy.

#5. Determine the Company’s Potential

Look into the facilities that a company possesses. Do they have office and administrative personnel? Do they have an equipment storage facility?

Determining facilities may indicate that a contractor has problem-solving abilities at work or after the project completion.

#6. Make Sure the Human Resource is Adequate

Human resources should be sufficient for the size of your project. A single-person company may suffice small projects whereas big projects may need a team of experts. Don’t forget to ensure that the contractor has the ability to schedule their projects effectively.

#7. Check for Equipment Resources

Make sure that your contractor has enough equipment resources required to complete the project efficiently. However, remember that ranting certain pieces of equipment may be more cost-effective.

#8. Check for the Scope of Expertise

Before agreeing to a contract, determine the specific disciplines required for your project, such as backflow installation, plumbing, tunneling, boring, and electrical skills.

The hiring company should have all the required skills. Otherwise, it should have access to reputable sub-contractors for the specific areas in which the company lacks expertise.

#9. Make Sure there is Head-to-Head Water Coverage

Ask your contractor if the irrigation system will provide 100% water coverage. It includes flower beds, grass areas, and other landscapes.

Also, make sure that the water provision is even from one sprinkler head to another, and there are no dry or over watered areas. Head-to-head or 100% water coverage ensures a healthy and colorful lawn.

#10. Check for Reviews

Check the experience of previous customers with the company. It helps determine the reliability of a contractor. You may ask the contractor for references or check the reviews online.

#11. Determine What is Covered in the Installation Price

Always make sure to ask your contractor what services are included in the cost of installation. A reliable contract covers:

  • Written operating and maintenance manual, including the winterizing, spring recreation, and watering schedule instructions.
  • Complete manufacturer warranty information, including warranty on materials and workmanship.
  • “As-built” drawings of your project records, including the system layout installed and any written changes made in the original copy of the design.
  • Reseeding costs or sodding costs to maintain the lawn after the system installation.
  • Proof of payment for the material purchased by the contractor.
  • Troubleshooting or any follow-up visits for the system maintenance.
#12. Verbal Contract? A Big No

Never rely on a verbal agreement. A written and signed contract saves the interests of both the project owner and the contractor.

The contract should clearly specify all the project details such as work start date, project responsibilities, project cost, and payment schedule etc.

#Pro Tip. Trust Matters

Last but not least, always hire an irrigation contractor you can trust. HENDRICK IRRIGATION can be your no.1 choice for reliable irrigation services. Contact us right now and get the best irrigation system installation.